You Win, We Win.

At Dog Star Results Marketing, measured marketing performance and goal achievement for our partners is the first, the last, and the middle of any marketing campaign we do. With Dog Star Results Marketing, our philosophy is “You Win, We Win”. We invest your hard-earned dollar as if it were our own.

Dog Star Results Marketing opened its doors with the single focus of being in the corner of the business owners. We help improve profitability through customized strategy, high-impact marketing with a solid return on investments, fueling business growth.

While it seems like an obvious way to do business, some companies turn their attention to pleasing shareholders, their own profitability, and brand visibility. Trust, honesty, and integrity are at our core. We’re your partner for the long haul.

About Our Founder

Zandi Wilcox, President of Dog Star Results Marketing, has a 30-year proven track record of driving business growth through smart, data-driven and creative marketing strategies. Zandi has worked in consultant and management roles with several top media companies in the United States. She has worked with small business owners locally, as well as the largest companies nationwide to provide marketing development and execution, utilizing digital, tv, radio, outdoor, print and events.

By focusing on results for our partners and navigating the ever-changing marketing landscape with great strategy and execution, Zandi and her team at Dog Star Results Marketing will help take your business to new heights.

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